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Canadian Conference on Counter-Terrorism and Public Health

The Canadian Public Health Association and the Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response, Health Canada, are sponsoring the Canadian Conference on Counter-Terrorism and Public Health.

The purpose of this conference is to showcase the wide spectrum of public health and safety sciences guiding best practices, policies, guidelines, and protocols in clinical and public health, biological, social health, laboratory, and public safety.

The conference objective is to provide an open forum for the delivery, exchange, and discussion of information and actions related to the public health sector and bioterrorism.

* Keynote Presentations: Canadian Role in Global Risk Perspective and Management, Government Roles and Activities, Public Health Management of Bioterrorism - Canadian and American Perspectives

* Presentation Streams: Prevention, Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Continuity

* Panel Discussions: Managing an emergency public health scenario, Greatest risks and greatest fears, Living with increased awareness, Media hype or media help?

For further information on this conference please go to CPHA's website at