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Tough Choices: The Ethics of Allocating Health Resources

Rimrock Hotel

Sponsors: Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research.

Speakers: Robert Veatch, Norman Daniels, Michael McDonald, Susan Sherwin, Laura M. Purdy, Douglas K. Martin, Nuala P. Kenny, Patricia Rodney, John Williams, Alister Browne, Reidar Lie, Michael Stingl, Tom Noseworthy

This project aims to bring together, for the first time, two distinct groups of people: a carefully selected group of respected and influential North American scholars in the field of resource allocation ethics, and those Albertans and Canadians most directly entrusted with the decision-making authority and responsibility for improving the health of their communities. The main purpose of this conference is to equip decision-makers with tools and skills that will allow them to approach hard decisions in a more systematic manner, explicitly grounded in carefully considered values, and to have greater confidence that the decisions they are involved in making are grounded on an ethically defensible moral foundation.

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