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2017 Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange

Toronto, Ontario
May 10, 2017

University of Toronto, Hart House.

The theme of this year's conference is "advantAGE", featuring renowned experts in the field of aging, interactive workshops, theme team sessions, and a student research competition.

The 2017 Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange (ANKE 2017) will celebrate the positive aspects of Canada’s aged and aging people. As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary our nation also celebrates another milestone – the number of seniors in Canada continues to grow. This year’s ANKE will explore the latest social sciences and humanities research connecting practices and policies to the dynamic shift in the view of aging as an image of growth and development, enhancing older adults’ physical health, well-being, autonomy, and choices.
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Take advantage of our networking opportunities at this year's Exchange!
Registration includes full breakfast, BBQ lunch and the Scientific Director’s Reception with special rates for students and older adults.
Registration Closes May 8th, 2017.

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