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Trauma Essentials--Human Connections & Complex Emotional Burdens, CAST Canada

Muskoka, Ontario
August 15 & 16, 2017

Two Narrative and Experiential, Educational and Transformational Days!

Trauma Essentials--Empathetically supporting your clients
August 15, 2017
Includes lunch and handouts

Complex burdens--Thriving in the face of suffering
August 16, 2017
Includes lunch and handouts

For all justice, education, health and social work professionals

Do you see people that are inexplicably stuck with addiction, housing, employment or other emotional issues, or, people that are unaccountably perpetually angry?

Learn to work safely with those who have lost so much they feel they cannot have a future as well as working towards safer, healthier emotional balance within your self and your work

You will leave with:

  • A new, deep understanding of the role of trauma, loss and unresolved grief in your work.
  • Tools to learn safe, productive ways to move ahead.
  • A new awareness of goal setting and the ability to identify when too much positivity may be harmful
  • Be more able to be ‘present’ and empathize with your clients and
  • Strategies for self care and longevity in an emotionally charged field

Tom Regehr is the Founder and Owner of CAST Canada. He is an Associate Professor at McMaster University and the Executive Director of CAST Canada's new non-profit organization, The CAST Projects. CAST has been hosting workshops and conferences since 2003 with the goal of educating helping professionals to help reduce the suffering of the folks they support.  With his expertise in trauma, loss, grief and connectedness, he is a sought after speaker and consultant running analytic and motivational processes for agencies, networks and government ministries.

Becca Partington has been working with CAST Canada since 2011.  She brings with her a vibrant understanding of the new complexities of frontline work after working supporting people with acquired brain injury who had also experienced addictions, homelessness, mental health and other issues. Becca is the Director of Operations for the non profit organization The CAST Projects, whose goal is to create trauma informed communities, cultures and organizations one project at a time. Through this organization she has developed, in part, and facilitated the emotional skills/cooking program CHOP TALK for youth and is certified to lead the Powerful Tools for Caregivers 6 weeks best practice educational support sessions.

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