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Communication Toolbox: Seeking & Telling the Truth

Two-thirds of all workplace problems can be traced to communication failure. That's what the research tells us, and our experience usually backs this up. The very public accountability failures of the past year have further underscored the importance of creating organizational environments where 'truth reigns.' But, if you ask many people, they'll tell you that their workplaces are not like that. It seems that effective communication is one of those things that we all want, but struggle to achieve. This workshop can help you change that by teaching you how to 'seek and tell the truth' in all of your workplace interactions and thus contribute to building a culture of trust, openness and collective learning.

For more information and to register, call Healthy Futures Group at (905) 569 8474 or visit our website at Workshop fee is $99/day (discounts for multiple registrations are available!)