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Readiness for Culturally Appropriate Care, Canadian Nutrition Society

Calgary, Alberta
March 21, 2018

A pre-forum event to the 20th Annual Metropolis Conference being held at the Westin Hotel

There remains limited information about the nutrition and health status of newcomer families and their children upon arrival and how their health may change during their first few years in Canada. This thematic conference will provide participants with an overview of nutritional health, food security and access to healthcare as basic rights of recent immigrants and refugees. This conference will provide an update on food security status of current refugees, as well as their nutritional status in Canada and in a global perspective by bringing together academic researchers, dietitians and settlement agencies to provide a comprehensive picture.  The overarching goal is to engage the audience in discussion and hear their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities regarding food security, nutritional health and access to healthcare services.

Please join us to learn from some of the leading experts in the field of immigration health - providing perspectives of researchers, service providers and policy makers.

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