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Bootcamp on Shade Design for Skin Cancer Prevention, Ryerson University and the Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition

Toronto, Ontario
May 1, 2018

Ryerson University and the Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition's UVR WG/Shade Policy Committee are organizing a bootcamp on shade design for skin cancer prevention. It’s taking place at Ryerson University. The Working Group has taken a leadership role in developing a Shade Policy and Guidelines for the City of Toronto believing that good design and sound municipal policy bridging health and planning can be a key element to support chronic disease prevention, in public places.

The Shade bootcamp is scheduled a day before a major conference in Toronto on skin cancer prevention (see to register and more information). We are therefore taking advantage of the presence of a number of global experts on UVR and shade who are coming to this conference. These experts have agreed to be part of the workshop at little-to-no cost. Bootcamp participants will have the opportunity of knowledge exchange through case study explorations, interactive discussions and presentations and will receive tools to support the development of healthy, sun-safe environments. The Shade bootcamp has received support from Toronto Public Health, Ryerson University and the Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition. The Ontario Provincial Planners Institute is a promotional partner.

For questions please contact Professor George Kapelos: or