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Letter to the Editor and Comings and Goings, November 2003

I Response to OHPE 336.1, "The Quality of Seniors' Lives in Canada"

Randi Fine of the Older Persons' Mental Health and Addictions Network writes in response to our November feature on senior's quality of Life (

While the work done is both impressive and important I wonder how much energy was devoted to exploring issues related to older adults at risk of or coping with mental illness and /or addictions. This important focus is so often left out of our discussions about seniors' quality of life, yet it is an unfortunately growing concern and one for which

very few solutions have been posed, and to which even fewer resources have been devoted. I would welcome some thoughts on this from the study authors and others.

Randi Fine, Coordinator

Ontario Gerontology Association's Older Persons' Mental Health and Addictions Network

Tel: (416) 782-1601

Fax: (416) 782-1601

[email protected]

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III Comings and Goings

Here are a few notes from other publications on recent appointments of interest to health promoters:

* Wyn Chivers has been apponted National Executive Director of Muscular Dystrophy Canada (from the Community Action newspaper, October 27)

* Charity Village notes that Tony Dagnone, president and CEO of London Health Sciences Centre, was elected chair of the board of directors of the Ontario Hospital Association and Hilary Short is their new president and CEO (see more People on the Move at

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