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OHPE Year In Review: 2003 Feature Articles & Subscribers

I Introduction

One of the goals of the OHPE is to reflect the variety and diversity that is health promotion in Ontario. To help us with this, we created a subject framework--a list of action areas, determinants of health, foundations of health promotion, generic strategies, priority populations, issues, and settings (to see the list, visit At the end of every calendar year, we sit down and review all our feature articles to see which subjects we've covered and which ones we haven't.

In the next few months, we are also going to update the framework with new categories. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions! Check out the Issues column and the Foundations of Health Promotion column - does it include what you would want to know about? How could you use the health promotion subject framework in your work? What would help you in looking at the breadth of health promotion? Contact us at with your ideas and views.

II Highlights of 2003

In 2003, we once again had a diverse group of articles contributed by writers from many organizations across the province. They wrote on a variety of issues (social inclusion, valuing volunteers, homeless women's health, barriers faced by disabled people, leadership in public health, quality of senior's lives, and mental health), described a number of current health promotion programs and projects (cancer screening, health goals, better practices in tobacco control, healthy rural communities, oral health services, and healthy schools) and provided information on recent campaigns (chronic disease prevention, alcohol advertising, public opinion research, health promotion capacities baseline research, and our Editorial Team articles on West Nile Virus, SARS and election resources ).

We also introduced two new columns. In early April, we had our first Letter From the Editors, offering OHPE readers a compilation of resources focused on a hot issue or time-sensitive concern. In April it was SARS-related resources, in July it was West Nile resources, and in September it was election guides and campaigns links. After noticing the number of changing positions, new jobs and people on the move in the health promotion field, we began "Comings and Goings," a monthly column highlighting changes in health promotion positions. Our Letters to the Editor column continued this year as venue for exchanging ideas and resources related to newsletter content among the thousands of OHPE Bulletin readers.

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III What's Coming in 2004 and OHPE's Most Wanted

We're working on some very interesting feature articles for early in the new year: in January, we have a special series drawn from presentations at the 2003 Canadian Public Health Association Conference and later in the spring we'll have articles from fellow members in the Ontario Health Promotion Resource System.

As always, the year-end review reveals what areas we haven't covered in depth. From this, we develop a list of topics we would like to find writers for in the coming year. In 2004, we'd love to fill the following gaps in our growing archive of health promotion information:

* Chronic Disease (e.g., cancer, diabetes or stroke, linked to environment, biology and genetics, social support networks, or working conditions)

* Visible Minorities (e.g., linked to income and social status, collaboration, research/values, and assumptions)

* Income and Social Status (e.g., linked to a population of interest, strategy, or setting)

* Foundations of Health Promotion (e.g. evidence-based practice, values and assumptions, and learning methods)

Have a look, and if you'd like to write on these topics, or know someone who'd be a good person to ask, let us know by writing

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IV How to Find the Article You Need

There are many ways for readers to access past feature articles and other information on our website. You can

* select from a list of past bulletins by clicking on Bulletin Index on the menu bar across the top of the main webpage or by going to,

* select from a list of past feature articles, sorted chronologically, by clicking on Features on the menu bar across the top of the main webpage or by going to,

* select from a list of resources sorted alphabetically by clicking on Resources on the menu bar across the top of the main webpage or by going to,

* select from a list of job postings, events and announcements by clicking on Announcements on the menu bar across the top of the main webpage or by going to,

* search the database by selecting categories from the Subject Framework at, or

* search by keyword in the lefthand bar of every page (search tips are available at

We are continuing to develop the next version of the online archive, so please let us know if you have any feedback by writing or

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V Feature Articles from 2003

OHPE Year In Review: 2002 Feature Articles

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 291, January 2

An Evolving Role for Health Promoters in the Kyoto Protocol Era

Ravi Mark Singh, EnerACT

Bulletin 292, January 10

Letter to the Editor, January 2003

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 293, January 17

Community Health and Wellness Group, Fort Erie, Ontario

Catherine Mindorff, Community Health and Wellness Group

Bulletin 294, January 24

Self-Help Groups: From Professional Leadership to Mutual Support

Gillian Kranias, Self-Help Resource Centre

Bulletin 296, February 7

Letters to the Editor, February 2003

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 297, February 14

An Inclusion Lens

Malcolm Shookner, Atlantic Region HP Research Centre

Bulletin 298, February 21

Teen driver safety--What's a parent to do?

Gary Direnfeld, I Promise Program

Bulletin 300, March 7

My Parenting Story: A Journal for Life, A Journey of Love

Janet Eagleson, Region of Peel, and Claudine Bennett, Peel Health

Bulletin 302, March 21

Supporting Change: Preventing and Addressing Alcohol Use in Pregnancy

Tekla Hendrickson, Wendy Bourgoyne Best Start Resource Centre

Bulletin 304, April 4

Letter From the Editors: SARS-related Resources

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 305, April 11

From the Archives: OHPE 168.1 Risk Communication: An Overview

Jodi Thesenvitz, The Health Communication Unit

Bulletin 307, April 25

Assessing Health Promotion Capacity in Ontario: Baseline Survey Results by

Brian Rush, PhD, and Karen Urbanoski, Msc (VIRGO Planning and Evaluation Consultants), for the Ontario Health Promotion Resource System Impact Evaluation Committee

Bulletin 308, May 2

Access to Oral Health Services - The Stories and Actions in Two Cities

Alison Stirling, Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse and OHPE team member, from reports by Ernest Jodoin, Hamilton District Health Council and Lorraine Purdon, Toronto Oral Health Coalition

Bulletin 310, May 16

Letters to the Editor, May 2003

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 311, May 23

An Overview of Chronic Disease Prevention

Nancy Dubois, The Health Communication Unit

Bulletin 312, May 30

Working Together for Healthier Rural Communities

Barbara Zupko Region of Waterloo Public Health

Bulletin 314, June 13

Letters to the Editor, June 2003

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 315, June 20

Integrated Health Services for Women Who Are Homeless and At Risk of Homelessness: The Situation in Ontario

by Carolyn Whitzman, University of Melbourne, and Deborah Hierlihy, Oriole Research and Design Inc.

Bulletin 316, June 27

Letter From the Editors: West Nile Related Resources

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 317, July 11

The Road to Decreasing Barriers Faced by People with Disabilities

Shane Holten, SPH Planning & Consulting

Bulletin 319, July 18

School Health

by Karen Woods and Michelle Brownrigg

Bulletin 321, August 1

Alcohol Advertising: An Inside Look

Kari Sutoski, Association to Reduce Alcohol Promotion in Ontario

Bulletin 322, August 8

Mental Health Promotion: Overcoming the challenges to 'focusing upstream'

by Brian Hyndman The Health Communication Unit

Bulletin 324, August 22

Comings, Goings, Changes in Health Promotion Positions, August 2003

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 325, August 29

Toolkit of Better Practices in Tobacco Control: Accessing Programs that Work

Karen Maclean, Program Training and Consultation Centre

Bulletin 326, September 5

Letter From the Editors, September 2003 Election Action

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 327, September 12

Brant County Health Goals Project

Erica MacIntyre Grand River District Health Council

Bulletin 328, September 19

Letter to the Editor & Comings and Goings, September 2003

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 329, September 26

The Closing the Distance Project

Karen Woods, Master's student, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto

Bulletin 330, October 3

The Why and How of Public Opinion Research

Karly Holmes, Associate, The Alder Group Inc

Bulletin 332, October 17

Comings and Goings, October 23, 2003

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 333, October 24

A Leadership Framework for Management in Public Health

Kim Bergeron, Master's Student, Athabasca University, Coordinator within Ontario Heart Health Project

Bulletin 334, October 31

The Quality of Seniors' Lives in Canada by Toba Bryant & Dennis Raphael

Toba Bryant, York Centre for Health Studies and Dennis Raphael, School of Health Policy and Management, York University

Bulletin 336, November 14

Letter to the Editor and Comings and Goings, November 2003

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 337, November 21

Colorectal Cancer: Why Is Screening Important?

by Karen Parsons, Colon Cancer Screening Study at Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre

Bulletin 338, November 28

Letters to the Editor & Comings and Goings, December 2003

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 339, December 5

Valuing Volunteers in Healthcare Organizations

Laurie Mook, Betty Jane Richmond & Jack Quarter, Volunteer Value Added Project

Bulletin 340, December 12

Year in Review: Feature Articles in 2003

OHPE Editorial Team

Bulletin 341, December 19

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VI You & OHPE--Our 3200 Subscribers!

Today, on December 19th, we will be welcoming the 3,200th subscriber to the Ontario Health Promotion Email Bulletin! In anticipation of this significant event, we did a quick analysis of our subscriber list as it was on December 3, 2003, with 3175 members.

We have certainly grown this year--from 2690 last December 3. And we have noticed a few patterns as people moved and changed their subscription addresses (contributing to our new section on Comings & Goings) from organizations to home email addresses. We have more subscribers using free web-based email systems like Hotmail (335), Yahoo (146) and hi-speed services like Sympatico (218), cable companies (136), and smaller ISP companies. But the most striking feature of our subscriber list is the reach of OHPE across so many organizations, governments and agencies.

For example, looking at our Ontario subscribers (not including those in the above mentioned ISP accounts or web-based emails), we discovered that the OHPE Bulletin has 682 subscribers coming from every public health unit in Ontario, 55 subscribers from 25 community health centers, more than 70 subscribers from 8 provincial health promotion organizations, 158 Ontario university-based subscribers, and more than 80 people in provincial and federal departments.

Although the OHPE Bulletin does focus its news, events, jobs and many articles on the province of Ontario's health promotion field, we are widely read by subscribers outside of the province. There are more than 120 subscribers from other parts of Canada (we're big in New Brunswick!) 25 from Australia and New Zealand, and more than 100 readers from around the world: the United Kingdom, southern Africa, the Middle East, Latin America (some from Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica) China and Indonesia, and various European countries. We are amazed and delighted!

Your comments and contributions are always welcome. Please keep in touch with us.