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Systems Thinking in Action: How Organizations Learn

More than a decade ago, Peter Senge created quite a buzz with his concept of the "learning organization." Unlike most flavour of the month ideas, though, this concept continues to influence current research and practice in organizations around the world. This workshop provides an update on what's new in the area of systems thinking and organizational learning. You'll gain practical insight into how a wide range of new concepts and tools can help your organization to learn its way into the future. Key topics include

* An overview of the learning organization model as currently understood

* An introduction to systems thinking as a tool for achieving significant change

* A simple tool for assessing your organization's current learning capacity and effectiveness

* A close look at new communication tools that enhance learning and problem-solving

* An exploration of emerging insights into the role and style of leadership in learning organization

* An examination of the main obstacles to learning and change, and how to overcome them

You owe it to yourself and your organization to deepen your understanding of some of the most powerful ideas shaping today's thinking about organizations and leadership--iideas you can put to work the very next day where you work and live--and learn.

For more information and to register, call Healthy Futures Group (905) 569 8474 or visit our website at Workshop fee is $99 per day. Discounts for multiple registrations are available!