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Healthy Change: Building Organizational Capacity & Commitment

Family Services Association of Toronto

First, healthy change is change that works for the organization and for its people. An impossible dream, you say? Well, this workshop will show you how it is not only possible but that it is the only way to create significant, strategic, sustainable change. You will learn, from real life examples and the latest research on change, how to build the organizational capacity and individual commitment that healthy change requires. Key learning objectives include

* Exploring the dynamics of change, and its impact on both the organization and its people

* Understanding the factors that determine readiness for change and how to assess it

* Becoming sensitized to people's "'transition support" needs and how to meet them

* Identifying the most common barriers to change and how to overcome them

If you are responsible for leading or supporting change, and care about doing right by your people at every point along the way, this workshop will give you the insights and tools to achieve both of these essential goals at the same time. Brief presentations, reinforced by small group exercises, will enable you to identify practical ways to improve your organization's approach to change. For more information or to register, call Healthy Futures Group at (905) 569-8474 or visit Fee is $99 + GST.