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Letter from the Editors: Resources for the 2004 Federal Election

I Introduction

Here is a round up of federal election resources that came to our attention in the last week. Our thanks to our readers and colleagues who contributed to this list!

If you have a resource or point of view to add to this article, let us know by writing to More information on our Letters to the Editor column can be found in our submission guidelines (

II 2004 Election Resources

Canada 2004

Election information and history, including links to leaders' itineraries, daily news brief, and a message board.

Canada Votes

A series of discussion papers prepared for the current federal election campaign by the Social Planning and Research Council of BC available for download at their website. Topics include Participatory Democracy, Accessibility and Inclusion, Cities and Social Infrastructure, Canada Social Transfer, Federal Role in Social Policy, Population Health, Income, and Taxation.

Canadian Breast Cancer Network

Their site has election-related CBCN news items: Adopt a Riding Campaign, CBCN Makes the Financial Cost of Having Breast Cancer an Election Issue in Canada, and Find Out Who Your Federal Election Candidates Are!

Canadian Mental Health Association

The CMHA site has election bulletins linked from their main page including "Ready to Vote!" and "Where do the political parties stand on mental health issues?"

Campaign 2000

The election area of their site has lists of what you can do and useful websites.

Campaign Child Care 2004, Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada:

"The Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada will be working with child care advocates and other organizations to provide practical and user friendly election tools, information about child care issues and our solutions to address the current crisis, news about what the parties have said and what their 2004 platforms feature, links to other web sites which feature child care and more!" [from the website]

Campaign for a Better Choice

"On this site you'll find fact sheets on the issues you care about like accessible health care, pension protection, job security, fair trade and many others. You'll also have an opportunity to receive the latest information by creating a user account on this site." [from the website]

Centre for Research and Information on Canada

The CRIC website includes news, polls, analysis, leaders' debate, and information on parties, platforms, and candidates.

Charity Village

* Coffee with Cam--A federal election campaign is now underway and Cam has a few questions for the candidates about how they are going to help the nonprofit sector at

* Online poll--What's the most important issue for nonprofits in the upcoming federal election? Participate at

Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance

CDPAC has produced an information sheet geared to candidates for distribution by health promoters and others. Visit the website for more information.

The Council of Canadians

Their Vote for the Canada You Want area includes a discussion forum, fact sheets, and door posters.

DAWN Ontario

DAWN Ontario hosts the Vote for Equality Campaign, "A Voter Education and Awareness Campaign for Women's Equality Rights in Canada." The site has an incredible list of links, in categories such as Tools & Resources, Equality Rights Issues, and Voter Education Campaigns.

Elections Canada

"Elections Canada is an independent, non-partisan agency reporting directly to Canada's Parliament. Its ongoing concern is to fulfill its responsibility to ensure Canadians can exercise their choices in elections and referendums in an open and impartial process." [from the website]

The site has resources related to women running for public office.

Fair Vote Canada

"Fair Vote Canada (FVC) is a multi-partisan citizens' campaign for voting system reform. Canadians from all points on the political spectrum, all regions and all walks of life are joining FVC to demand a fair voting system - a fundamental requirement for healthy representative democracy and government accountability." [from the website]


This site has Election Backgrounders (e.g., Political Parties in Canada and Minority Governments) and Election Features (e.g., election report card).

Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care

Their election kit includes questions to ask, a wallet-size fact card with key questions for candidates, general tips on election action ideas, how to organize an all-candidates debate, and how to write a letter-to-the-editor.

Ontario Health Coalition

The OHC website has a briefing note and link to the Medicare Protection Pledge for candidates.

Ontario Division, CMHA

Visit to see their May 28 press release on the election.

Planet Vote Canada

This comprehensive election website and portal has a focus on peace, the environment, and social issues.

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

The website has information on a fax-a-thon and petition campaign "to make sure that housing and homelessness issues are on the agenda throughout the upcoming election." [from the website]

Various News Sources

* CBC--Canada Votes,

* Toronto Star--Federal Election /04,

* Globe and Mail--Decision 2004,

* National Post--Decision Canada,

Vote for a Change

The website has campaign materials, background information on a number of social justice issues, and a discussion forum.