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Health Canada: Health Promotion Development

  The resources page of the Health Promotion Development Online (Health Canada) provides online access to several publications of interest to those involved in HP, including:

Health Promotion in Canada: A Case Study...
Health Promotion in Canada: A Case Study was commissioned by Health Canada at the suggestion of Dr. Ilona Kickbusch, Director of Health Promotion, Education and Communication for the World Health Organization (WHO). It was intended to serve as a background paper for the Fourth International Conference on Health Promotion held in Jakarta, Indonesia in July 1997.

Population Health Promotion: An Integrated Model of Population Health and Health Promotion ...With the increased interest in population health across the country, many are asking how population health and health promotion are related. Health promotion is commonly defined as a process for enabling people to take control over and improve their health. Population health is an approach that addresses the entire range of factors that determine health and, by so doing, affects the health of the entire population. Health Impact Assessment as a Tool for Population Health Promotion and Public Policy...The criteria for evaluation of health, social, environmental and economic policies and programs are changing. This is particularly true within the health sector where many governments are adopting an understanding of health that includes a focus on the social and environmental determinants of health. They recognize that societal structures, attitudes and behaviours influence health profoundly, that prevention is better (or at least more timely) than cure, and that prevention is a way to reduce disability and social dependence. Consequently, how social, environmental and economic policies influence health and the prevention or production of illness, disability or death needs systematic monitoring at all levels of government.

Report of the Roundtable on Population Health and Health Promotion...
This report presents the substance of the Roundtable dialogue, summarizing the key elements of discussions, noting areas of agreement and disagreement, and highlighting recommendations for follow-up developed by the participants. Quotes are included as much as possible to give a sense of the energy and commitment expressed by the participants throughout the meeting.