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Towards an Adaptation Action Plan: Climate Change and Health in the Toronto-Niagara Region, Summary for Policy Makers

Chiotti, Q, Morton I, Ogilvie K, et. al. Toronto: Pollution Probe Foundation, 2002.

The purpose of this study is to provide decision-makers with some of the information needed to improve the adaptive capacity of the health infrastructure in the Toronto-Niagara region in order to deal effectively with the projected human health effects of climate change. The authors have undertaken an assessment of the current science regarding climate change and its potential health effects, as well as the adaptive capacity of a health care system (that is already under budgetary stress) to handle the increased demand for services. The results of this study are intended to contribute to the development of a national strategy to address climate change, as well as to support a multi-stakeholder regional assessment of atmospheric change being led by Environment Canada.