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Young Drivers Literature Review

Judith Molloy and Elizabeth Develin, Youthsafe, Australia, January 16, 2001

Young drivers represent a significant road safety issue. Deaths due to transportation-related crashes are higher in the 15 to 24 years age group than any other age group, with twice the death rates for young people compared to all ages (Williamson, 2000). Figures show that when adjusted for kilometres driven, the incidence of fatality amongst Australian drivers in 1991 was almost seven times larger amongst drivers' aged 17 to 20 than amongst those aged 45 to 49 (Wylie, 1996). Australia is not alone in this problem. Countries such as New Zealand, the United States, Canada and many others confirm this is an issue in most highly-motorised countries (Catchpole, Macdonald, and Bowland, 1994). This paper discusses the characteristics and risk factors of young drivers.