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[from OHPE Bulletin #7.1] For the past two years the TeenNet Project, coordinated by the Department of Behavioural Science, University of Toronto, has worked with youth to develop an interactive Web site called CyberIsle . CyberIsle components relate to a wide range of teen health and lifestyle issues, with a particular focus on smoking prevention and cessation. Information is presented in a non-judgmental, fun environment through games, quizzes,

simulation and peer discussions.

What makes this project unique is the combination of three distinct processes: high tech web site development, health promotion research, and community participation. Teens and teachers have been integrally involved in all stages of design, development, evaluation and dissemination.

CyberIsle was featured twice at the "Together for Healthy Kids" conference, offering a close-up look at a very successful project that involves youth, uses the technology and is effective. It was CyberIsle's dynamic project coordinator Meg Morrison's last presentation before she returned to Australia, and turned over the project to new people. In the first session "Using Technology in Prevention", along with Kids Help Phone CyberIsle was presented as a use of technology that has added substantially to prevention tools, and in so discovered a new understanding of youth health issues. In "Youth on the Net" Harvey Skinner and Meg demonstrated how the Internet is being used to create new opportunities to connect youth with health promotion information. They were joined by youth who described their


If you go to the CyberIsle web-site, be sure to sign in, give yourself a nick-name, password, and in the age category select Adult Visitor (assuming that you are over 20 years of age!) and get on the bus!. If

you wish information about the TeenNet project itself, choose that "island" or go directly to:

For further information about TeenNet contact:

Harvey A. Skinner, Ph.D.

Dept. of Behavioural Science, University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A8

Tel Harvey (416) 978-8989 Fax (416) 978-2087