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Welfare Reform in Ontario - On-line discussion

This is an invitation from the Workfare Watch Project to join an on-line discussion of welfare reform in Ontario. E-mail lists are an automatic way to send a message to one address and have it sent out to

everyone who joins. When you join you will get more instructions on how to participate.

The OW-WATCH-L list is public and unmoderated which technically means everyone who joins can post to the list. The list set to require approvals. The purpose of this is to block e-mail junk mail from getting posted to the list. Everyone who applies is approved. The OW-WATCH-AN is a moderated list where only Welfare Watch will be posting bulletins, announcements and notices.

OW-Watch-L is intended to be a workspace for activists, welfare recipients, the labour, advocacy and the academic communities to share information and stories about the impact of workfare and welfare

reform in their communities. We will also use the on-line discussion to share strategies for coping with the fallout of reform and community mobilizing to effect change.

As well as the broad workspace of the OW-WATCH-L list, Workfare Watch has established OW-WATCH-AN a moderated web list to send regular bulletins, announcements and notices.

Instructions to join the lists:


To join the list(s): send email to: With the subject line blank and:

subscribe OW-WATCH-l (that is a lower case L not a one) or/and

subscribe OW-WATCH-AN-l

as the only text of the mail message.

Delete any signature file you may have.

You can join both lists in the one message to majordomo.

You will be sent a confirmation message when you subscribe to OW-Watch-an-l that you must reply to. This ensures that no-one can sign you up to the list without your permission.

If these instructions seem to complicated or you are having problems contact the lists' facilitator Sherrie Tingley at: