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Working Together On-Line

"In plain English, with a grin and a helping hand, here's how to build your working community online. This terrific book is tailor-made for anyone who wants to get a group together to make things happen in cyberspace."

Michele Landsberg, Toronto Star Columnist and Author

The Internet, and now intranets, are creating exciting new ways to work together. Campaigns, events and projects can all be developed online by people hundreds or thousands of miles apart. But more than just computers and modems are needed to make this happen, you also need an understanding of Working Together Online.

In Working Together Online, learn how to:

- move your group to an online workspace

- choose the best online collaboration tools

- assess your "true" technical needs

- identify the facilitators in your group

- creating a productive workspace

- dealing with conflict

- holding an online meeting

- drafting a joint document

- keeping your workspace active

. . . . and much more!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert, Working Together Online provides useful information to help your group to make better use of the Internet. This is the first book of its kind to show how groups can collaborate to bring shared online spaces to life and make them work.

Authors Liz Rykert and Maureen James put years of online facilitation experience together in this comprehensive resource for effective use of online workspaces.

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