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Confronting the Cuts: a Sourcebook for Women in Ontario.

Canadian Women's Studies (Ianna Publications and Education Inc.) at York University has recently released a new book for women (and I would argue all people of Ontario) titled:

Confronting the Cuts: A Sourcebook for Women in Ontario

edited by Luciana Ricciutelli, June Larkin, Eimear O'Neill

Ianna Publications and Education Inc., 1998.

$13.95 (+$0.98 GST) Total: $14.93

It is a hard hitting look at the broad sweep of impacts women have experienced in Ontario since the Tories took power. It includes good backgrounders on the myths of fiscal policy development and invigorates the debate on social policy reform.

>From the release:

"For anyone seeking to understand current social policy reform and its impact on the lives of people everywhere, this book is a crucial sourcebook of policy critique, strategies, and personal narratives."

To get your copy send an email to:

All orders must be pre-paid by cheque or money order.

Orders can also be sent to:

Ianna Publications and Education Inc.,

212 Founders College York University

4700 Keele Street

North York, On M3J 1P3

p:416-736-5356 f:416-736-5765

Review by Liz Rykert ( as posted on C4LD