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The Quality of Life Index for Ontario

Ontario Social Development Council &

Social Planning Network Of Ontario announce


"The Quality of Life Index for Ontario is on the rebound, after declining throughout the 1990s", according to a new report to be released on June 4, 1998 at the Peterborough Social Planning Council.

The report, "The Quality of Life in Ontario - Spring 1998", was commissioned by the Ontario Social Development Council and The Social Planning Network of Ontario with financial support from Health Canada. It is part of a series of quality of life reports which began in the Fall of 1997.

The Quality of Life Index for the Spring of 1998 is 90.1. This compares with 87.2 in the Fall of 1997 and 100 in the base year 1990.

The trend of quality of life, as measured by the Quality of Life Index (QLI), has been on the decline in the 1990s. The economic and social indicators have led the decline, with the economic recession in 1991-92, rising social problems, and a badly frayed social safety net. The increase in the QLI in the Spring of 1998 signals good news, since it has turned around the declining trend.

The recent upturn is driven by a strong showing of the environmental indicators and improvements in labour force participation. More people are working and fewer are unemployed. However, the social indicators bring mixed messages. We have fewer social assistance beneficiaries, but longer waiting lists for public housing and long term care for the elderly, as well as more children admitted to care by child welfare authorities.

"While the QLI seems to be generally accurate in assessing overall quality of life, it has limitations in describing the plight of disadvantaged people in our society," notes Malcolm Shookner, Project

Director. Reports of Ontario's "booming economy" mask growing disparities between the rich and the poor, and people left out of the economic recovery.

The Quality of Life Index provides a good picture of changes in living conditions which affect our health and well-being as a society. Watch for our next report in the Fall of 1998.

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