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Opportunities 2000: Creating Pathways out of Poverty in Waterloo Region

This book tells the story of Opportunities 2000. The citizens of Waterloo Region -- one of Ontario's (and Canada's) most prosperous communities - want to put an end to poverty. Historically generous and well organized in alleviating hardship among the disadvantaged, since 1997 they have turned their inventiveness in a new direction. Opportunities 2000 (OP2000) is a community-wide effort to create new pathways out of poverty. Business, government, nonprofit organizations and people of low-income work together to create the means by which people can become more self-sufficient. This unprecedented alliance has unleashed energy, creativity and grassroots insight into poverty and the complex of measures required to uproot it. The strategic array includes counseling, training, upgrading, savings programs, jobs and better wages and benefits. [from]

This book can be purchased from Tamarack by emailing Suzanne at [email protected] or by telephoning 519-885-5155.