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Marketing Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations Volume I: Develop the Plan

"A proven, step-by-step guide to marketing success for nonprofits. Follow the same steps used by marketing experts to create a straightforward plan that delivers results. Includes action steps and

practical worksheets that will help your organization thrive in today's environment" published by Amherst H Wilder Foundation

In OHPE Bulletin #62.2 in July, we featured some resources on Collaboration, including two publications from the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation. This 132 page Workbook, written in 1990 is another excellent resource for helping non-profit organizations understand and apply tools for marketing, promotion, and fundraising. It is a well-written, practical and easy to follow guide, complete with checklists, worksheets, sample plans, tips and resources.

Note that this workbook, for all it's excellent coverage of steps, the 6 Ps of marketing and help in evaluating efforts, is an American focused publication. The environment for marketing and promotion

can be significantly different in the U.S. particularly in the area of community health. This is also true for the second volume of the Marketing Workbook - Mobilize People for Marketing Success (1997) and

the Pocket Guide for Marketing Representatives. Taken with the fine resources of The Health Communication Unit, based at the University of Toronto, these Workbook would be an excellent addition to any organization.

Or order the catalogue from the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation Publishing Center 919 Lafond Avenue St. Paul MN 55104 FAX (612) 642-2061; E-mail: