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LET 'EM GO How to Support Youth in Creating Their Own Solutions

"Let 'Em Go demonstrates the value in using a participatory approach when working with youth. The book chronicles the story of the Street-Involved Youth Harm Reduction Project (SIYHRP), which brought together a diverse group of people interested in being involved in education, action and social change.

The book's participatory approach: recognizes that youth's own knowledge and experience are important; gets youth involved in researching or educating about their own issues; deals effectively with

issues that aren't addressed by more traditional methods.

Written in an easy-to-follow format, and including samples of materials that can be used as templates for projects, "Let 'Em Go" is for anyone working with youth, and for those in any field who are interested in learning more about conducting participatory research and development.

Copies are available for $29.38 per copy ($35.26 outside Ontario) including taxes and shipping - address below.

"Safer with CYPHER"

The SIYHRP Youth Team of street youth created a video, based on their own research, to educate other youth about safer drug use. It is a powerful video featuring the youth telling their stories and playing out situations.

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