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Youth Fax

Youth Fax is a funky information source for youth, by youth, that deals with issues affecting youth today. Youth Fax is the brain child of YOUTH NET, a mental health promotion program based in Ottawa. A goal of Youth Net is to facilitate discussions about mental health issues and to encourage feedback about a system that is supposed to be helping youth. The Youth FAX bimonthly newsletter started in October 1996, aims to reach youth wherever they are located. Each issue focuses on a

particular theme, such as violence, stress, depression, drugs and more, and includes stories, artwork, poetry, opinions, and resources. The resources are "youth-friendly" agencies and organizations in the

Ottawa area. The editors welcome contributions and reprinting of the youth fax in other locations, providing the resources are checked out for the 'youth-friendly' approach.

Contact: YOUTH NET YOUTH FAX, c/o Mojo, 401 Smyth, Ottawa, ON K1H 8L1 or call (613) 738-3915 or fax (613) 738-3917