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"Nothing About Us Without Us"

COASH's report on Meaningful Youth Involvement in HP "Nothing About Us Without Us"

Several months ago Cindy Andrew contacted CLICK4HP and OHPE Bulletin readers and asked for contacts with youth-led health promotion initiatives in Ontario, as part of her research work for a report

to the Coalition of Ontario Agencies for School Health (COASH). A strong interest in the topic contributed to OHPE Bulletin #49.1 feature on youth-led health promotion, with D. McCall's paper on the subject and a look at ARF youth oriented programs. Many surveys, interviews, reports and writing time later, Cindy comments that the report is forthcoming, and worth the wait.

"Nothing About Us Without Us" [a quote from a youth in Child & Youth Friendly Ottawa] will include a description of the methodology, an overview of all of the groups and programs studied in Ontario,

definitions of "youth-led" versus "adult-driven" and, of special interest, Key Issues for meaningful involvement of youth. The appendices will have the survey results and additional resources will be listed. The recent publication by the Canadian Mental Health Association "Working With Young People" [see below] offers similar approaches. The reproduction, printing and distribution of this report

will be made possible with Health Canada support.

If you wish to suggest resources, contacts and programs to Cindy, contact her by e-mail at:

If you would like to receive a copy of the report when it is published by COASH, please contact

COASH c/o Jennifer Graham, OPHEA, 1185 Eglinton Ave. E. Suite 501 North York ON M3C 3C5 Tel (416) 426-7083 Fax (416) 426-7373 E-mail