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Working With Young People: A Guide To Youth Participation in Decision-Making

This guide was developed to provide communities, communities, organizations, and agencies with information and resources to help them effectively involve young people in decision-making. It is based on the experiences of seven test sites which took part in the Canadian Mental Health Association National office's one-year Youth Participation Action Research project. By working with sites during their attempts to involve young people in decision-making at agency and community levels, they learned key strategies for youth involvement, which are reflected in the guide.

The guide contains three sections:

1) an Introduction to provide a context for thinking about youth participation

2) Fact Sheets on how to begin to understand and address issues of approaching youth involvement, many options, young people's perspective, common barriers, a guide for resource people, strategic youth involvement and more

3) Resources and a variety of tools which can be adapted or used as a baseline - including an organizational readiness questionnaire.

For copies of this excellent and valuable resource, contact the CMHA national office at:

2160 Yonge St. 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON Canada M4S 2Z3 (416) 484-7750 Fax (416) 484-4617