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Sun Exposure and Protective Behaviours

Ontario Sun Safety Working Group "Sun Exposure and Protective Behaviours" - Ontario Report 1998 , Toronto: Canadian Cancer Society (Ontario Division) 1998.

The purpose of the Ontario Sun Safety Working Group is to promote healthy behaviours and policies in relation to ultraviolet radiation exposure. This report is designed for public health and other practitioners who are involved in developing and implementing programmes and policies to prevent sunburns and other health consequences of exposure to the sun. It provides a summary of the results for Ontario respondents to the National Survey on Sun Exposure and Protective Behaviours. Each of the five chapters provides a snapshot of one aspect of the survey results.

Chapter 1: The Ontario Sample provides a brief summary of the 1087 participants

Chapter 2: Adults provides an overview of sun exposure and behaviours as reported between June & August 1996. Findings are that 77% of adults are exposed to sun for 30 minutes or more per day during leisure time, and that 55% report 1 or more sunburns in study period. Less than 50% of adults report using protection.

Chapter 3: Children summarizes sun exposure and behaviours of children under 12 years as reported by parents/guardians. Findings are that 85% of parents report that children are exposed to the sun for at least 30 minutes/day and 46% had sunburns, with 83% of parents reporting use of


Chapter 4: Outdoor Workers. 18% of Ontarians age 15+ had a job requiring them to work outdoors in summer months. 62% of outdoor workers spend more than 2 hours/day in the sun and 70% report at least one sunburn. Only 35% of these workers report using sunscreen on their face.

Chapter 5: Environment Canada's UV Index reports on the awareness, understanding and application of the UV Index in Ontario. Most Ontarians are familiar with the Index and it appears to influence behaviour.

Recommendations for action are included in this report.

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