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Supporting Self-Care: The Contribution of Nurses and Physicians

Health Canada has released the results of a study exploring how health care professionals can support or stimulate people's self-care efforts. Entitled Supporting Self-Care: The Contribution of Nurses and Physicians, the report will be of particular interest to physicians and nurses as the first part of the report is primarily on their colleagues' experiences and insights.

It will also be of interest to practitioners in health promotion who promote self-care particularly to those who develop and support programs and tools that enhance or stimulate self-care.

Support of Self-Care

Self-care was defined as the decisions and actions taken by someone who is facing a health problem in order to cope with it and improve his or her health.

The study is based on three main sources of information: a review of the literature, in-depth interviews with a selection of nurses and physicians, and information provided by people who develop or use

self-care programs and tools.

Learning from the Literature

Situating self-care within both a historical context and a vision for the future, the review of health care literature describes self-care and its impact, and the role of health care professionals in facilitating self-care.

Nurses and Physicians Tell Their Stories

These stories, about people who successfully practice self-care, clearly illustrate health care professionals use to promote their patients' self-care efforts and some of the factors which help or

hinder that work.

Exemplary Program and Tools

Programs and tools are designed to enhance, stimulate or support self-care practices