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Opening Doors: A Woman's Guide to Ontario Government Programs and Services

Released this week in Ontario by Dianne Cunningham, Minister Responsible for Women's Issues, and available on the OWD web-site,this publication is an overview of the services which the government provides directly, or supports through transfer payments. The information covers services and programs designed for women and girls. It also outlines programs which are not specifically designed for women, but are nonetheless helpful to women trying to achieve economic and social potential.

The information is presented in a program cluster format, as more than one provincial ministry may provide services and supports for each of the 7 clusters including:

Women & Communities & Voluntary Action

Women & Economic Self-sufficiency

Women & Education

Women & Employment

Women & Health and Social Services

Women & Justice

Women & Recreation

To obtain copies of this publication contact:

The Ontario Women's Directorate

6th floor, Mowat Block 900 Bay street

Toronto, Ontario M7A 1L2

Tel: (416) 314-0300 Fax (416) 314-0256

You can access this publication on the Internet at: