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Adapting the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion to the Workplace


Issue addressed: The authors of this paper have translated the principles and five action areas outlined in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion so that they are directly relevant to the workplace. It is suggested that the Ottawa Charter does not adequately consider the unique physical, social, cultural, political, and economic dimensions of individual settings, in particular the workplace.

Methods: The authors have combined aspects of organisational theory, human resource management, industrial relations, and occupational health and safety with the Ottawa Charter to provide a more appropriate theoretical framework from which to undertake workplace health promotion activities.

Results: A description of the five interrelated action areas reveals multidisciplined strategies that can result in lasting benefits for the individual and the organisation.

Conclusion/So what? Given the amount of time that most adult Australians spend at work, the authors believe that developing sustainable workplace health promotion programs is critical to improving Public Health.