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Health Promotion in Canada V. 34 #4

At last, a new issue of the only Canadian magazine/journal on health promotion, has arrived in our mailbox. Many people have been receiving complimentary copies of HpiC, which will end with this issue. If you haven't subscribed yet - consider doing so soon, as there is much good information, book reviews, calendar of events and features.

We only hope they hire a proof-reader to check the copy (this comment from a former editor ;-) )

This issue has features on:

- The Community Quality of Life Project by Dennis Raphael

- An Exploration of Best Practices in Health Promotion by Barbara Kahan and Michael Goodstadt

- Health Promotion Evaluation: Recommendations to Policymakers by the WHO European Working Group on Health Promotion Evaluation (well worth getting this issue for this piece)

- Leaping Tall Words At a Single Bound by Deborah Gordon-El-Bihbety [on CPHAs plain language package]

- Women Helping Women by Linda Andrews, Anne Day, Lorraine Farrow, Jean Gresham on the Halton Women's Health Diary

- Cancer Burden Increasing in Canada

- Ethical Guidelines for an Unethical Disease [Alzheimer's Society of Canada]

For information on subscriptions ($27.55 including GST):

Call 905-884-2612 or fax 905-884-1478

Health Promotion in Canada

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