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Harm Reduction Resources And Organizations

Unfortunately, there is still a scarcity of resources for drug users and information about harm reduction that is readable and accessible.

In terms of good resources, the Harm Reduction Network is a Toronto-based internationally linked organization that provides training, consultation, information, and has created a number of information resources for drug users and their service providers. Resources include a primer on the harm reduction model, material for women who use drugs, and a methadone safety flyer. Training is done via consultation and workshop delivery on a variety of related topics. The Harm Reduction Network can be reached by writing to P.O. Box 84596, 2336 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6S 1T0. A web site is on the way.

There are many organizations that are including harm reduction as a priority in their work, including the Addiction Research Foundation, local and provincial groups. Several organizations active nationally and internationally can be reached via the web and are given below. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

-- The Canadian Drug Policy Foundation

( is involved in

international drug policy research, public education public

on more humane drug law options for Canada and advocacy

-- Canadian HIV AIDS Legal Network (

legal and ethical aspects of HIV/AIDS and human rights,

-- International Harm Reduction Association


More information can also be obtained by contacting me.

-- Luba Magdenko, Member, Centre for Health Promotion,

Consultant, The Health Communication Unit, (416) 978-0595,