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Ontario Breast Cancer Information Exchange Partnership {OBCIEP]

This partnership of organizations working on issues directly or indirectly involved in breast cancer research and information, has been in existence for more than five years, and has recently undertaken

a large recruitment process to expand it's corresponding members. OBCIEP Coalition Coordinator, Natalie Parry, recently sent out the first Activity Update for the partnership as a bimonthly information

bulletins on progress and initiatives. The OBCIEP Newsletter "Breast Cancer Info Exchange" is currently underway.

The Activity indicates:

that 27 organizations across Ontario have agreed to participate in the OBCIEP, with more anticipated in the next few months. Some of these organizations include - About Breast Cancer; Breast Cancer Support for Immigrant Women; Cancer au femin; HopeSpring; the Chatham, Guelph, Niagara, Oshawa, Pembroke and Sault Ste Marie Breast Cancer Support

Groups; the Ontario Hospital Association and the Toronto Women's Health Network; Another 5000 copies of the English version of the OBCIEP booklet "Benign Breast Disease: A Resource Handbook for Health Care Providers" has been printed ($3/copy +s&h from R&R Book Bar tel 905-727-3300) with flyers promoting this booklet and others available;

The possibility of a toll-free line is being considered for members and other organizations involved in disseminating breast cancer information - it is hoped that the line will be equipped with an automated attendant to allow callers to be transferred directly to organizations who provide specific information.

For more information about OBCIEP - contact Natalie Parry at:

2075 Bayview Ave. Toronto ON M4M 3M5 tel: 416-480-5899 fax 416-480-6002 E-mail