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Gay Men's Education Network

The network is made up of different AIDS service providers that have outreach services to "men who have sex with men". The agencies provide one-to-one education on safer sex practices, HIV/AIDS, STD, and distribute condoms and lubricants to men in various locations including bathhouses, parks, and social events. Many of the partnering organizations have an ethno-cultural focus. In the network they try to support one another's efforts to increase. They don't provide counseling or support but do make a lot of referrals. See below for the list of members and referral organizations.

G-Men's Education Network

* Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention - (416) 593-2727

* Asian Community AIDS Services - (416) 963-4300

* Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (416) 977-9955

* Hassle Free Men's Clinic- (416) 922-0603

* Toronto Public Health- (416) 392-8958

* Centre for Spanish-Speaking Peoples AIDS Program (416) 925-2800

* St. Stephen's AIDES Program- (416) 323-1498

* Street Outreach Services- (416) 926-0744

* Toronto People with AIDS Foundation (416) 944-9300

* VIVER, Portuguese Speaking AIDS Coalition- (416) 532-4828x262

* AIDS Committee of Toronto - Info line- (416) 340-8844