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Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition - Health/Environment CAP

Health/Environment Community Animation Project

Through the Community Animation Project, OHCC provides support to communities through regional resource staff, who have expertise in community development, strategic planning and facilitation. The Health and Environment Project, funded by Health Canada, has goals to: increase community awareness of health and environment issues; to link health and environment networks, groups and sectors; and to strengthen local health and environment networks, committees, and groups taking action on issues. After the first year of the project, 47 new linkages were made between the sectors and 44 communities received OHCC services. OHCC works with groups like the Durham Environmental Network who produced a State of the Environment Poster Map; and with local Remedial Action Programs (RAPs), BiNational Commission, public health units (see the OHCC Spring 1999 Update Newsletter for a detailed article on Northwestern Health Unit's work with pulp and paper mills to prevent air pollution); and community organizations such as WHNE and WEED (see below).