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Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse

"The Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse (OPC) is an incorporated non-profit organization. Launched in 1985, we are recognized as health promotion leaders and are well known collaborators. We have been, and continue to be, involved in many groundbreaking health promotion initiatives.

"We help individuals, groups and communities use health promotion strategies to achieve health and well-being. Our main areas:

Health Promotion Resource Centre - operating since 1985, the centre supports groups and individuals working to strengthen population-based health promotion.

Best Start: Ontario's Maternal, Newborn and Early Childhood Development Resource Centre supports community health professionals in Ontario to improve the health of expectant and new parents, and their babies.

OHPRS Secretariat - a network of organizations that work collaboratively to support health promotion in Ontario.

Health Promotion Affiliate, Canadian Health Network (CHN)

The Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse (OPC) in partnership with the Centre for Health Promotion at the University of Toronto (CHP) are proud to be the Canadian Health Network's new Health Promotion Affiliate." [from the website]