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DIRECT - Depression Information Resource & Education Centre Toll-Free

DIRECT is a program that has been designed to provide a comprehensive information and education service to the public and to health care professionals. DIRECT is a program of the Faculty of Health Sciences of McMaster University and has been made possible through public and private sector partnerships and supported by a network of services already established throughout Ontario.

DIRECT provides expert medical information and education that is timely, accessible and current. It provides a vehicle to educate, inform and provide accessible information on the identification and treatment of mood disorders in a cost-effective and user friendly manner.

The information available through DIRECT has been written by Canada's foremost experts in depression and manic depression. The topics that are included address a range of issues from recognizing and treating adolescents and the elderly to a technical presentation on the course and prognosis of the seven subtypes of depression and the four subtypes of manic depression.

The Professional/Physician Information Line

1-888-557-5050 [code] 800

Approximately 3 1/2 hours of information is presented through the doctors lines divided into 60 messages of 3 to 4 minutes in length. A live information officer is available to route calls, answer questions about the messages and to record comments, questions and observations. The officer is available during normal business hours. Voice mail messaging is available 24 hours a day. This service has been prepared by leading experts in the field of mood disorders and it provides comprehensive information 24 hours a day. As well, the service has the potential to be used for continuing medical education and for the establishment of "Best Practice" treatment guidelines. Some of the messages in the services are retrievable through an immediate fax back process, automated at the start of the identified messages.

The Public Information Line

1-888-557-5051 [code] 8000

The amount of information available through the public line is well over 2 3/4 hours. Using a series of 62 messages, presented in 2 to 4 minute segments, a comprehensive service is available to any resident of Ontario, 24 hours a day. The messages have been written for the patient and their families as they try to understand more about mood disorders and their treatment. The Public Line content is based on the suggestions of clinicians and providers as well opinions recorded from our consumer focus groups that are conducted throughout Ontario.


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