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OPC-COIP [Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse] Collaboration Workshops


Offered in Winter 1997-98, these workshops developed by Mary Martin Rowe [and community organizations, OPC staff] were very popular in the six communities in which they were offered. A workshop package is being developed and the workshops will be offered again in the fall. For more

information, contact Mary - email:

From the workshop description:

"Collaboration is a process of participation through which people, groups, and organizations work together to achieve desired results. Starting or sustaining a collaborative journey is exciting, sometimes stressful, and even new for many people, groups and organizations Collaboration means working jointly to achieve a common goal and set of objectives.

This workshop reflects on why we need to collaborate, and the benefits that it can bring. It considers the different kinds of partnerships that exist, and focuses on the elements that contribute to establishing a meaningful collaboration. Participants gain insight, knowledge and skills about how to make collaboration work in their own organization and local community."