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BC Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance

Ministry of Health Planning
1515 Blanshard Street
Victoria, B.C. V8W 3C8
Tel: (250) 952-3456

 The BC Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance, formed in February 2003, is a group of health-related organizations that have come together with a mission to improve the health of British Columbians through leadership that enhances collaborative action to promote physical activity, healthy eating and living smoke-free. While we recognize there is a wide range of chronic diseases, our primary focus, to begin with, is on the common risk factors (physical inactivity, poor dietary habits, tobacco use, obesity) and underlying determinants that contribute significantly to cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes. This year, we will focus primarily on developmental activities, positioning ourselves for significant action in year two. We are also exploring opportunities for immediate action during year one. Our Terms of Reference (including member organizations of the Coordinating Committee), Business Plan, Minutes of the Coordinating Committee and other information on the BC Alliance are posted on the website.