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Manitoba Alliance for the Prevention of Chronic Disease

Room 421, Education Building
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
Tel: (204) 949-2035
Fax: (204) 957-1365

 This alliance is a group of health-related organizations that have been working together since 1995 to strengthen the effort for chronic-disease prevention in Manitoba. The Chronic Disease Prevention Initiative is a current partnership initiative, involving the Alliance for the Prevention of Chronic Disease (Manitoba), seven of the eleven Regional Health Authorities, Manitoba Health and related departments and organizations. This initiative is being developed to provide support for a five-year, comprehensive, integrated chronic-disease initiative in Manitoba. An important recent development was the release of the report Building the Case for the Prevention of Chronic Disease, prepared by Dexter Harvey, Ethel Hook, Jennifer Kozyniak and Morgan Selvanathan for the Disease Intervention Division, Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control, Health Canada, in March 31, 2002. For more information and updates visit their website.