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Alcohol and Pregnancy Signs for Restaurants and Bars

The Wawa area introduced signs about alcohol and pregnancy to most licensed establishments in 1997/98 with the help of Algoma Best Start and Wawa Healthy Lifestyles. Brass on oak plaques were provided, free of charge, to restaurants, bars, and community centres. Each plaque had the following message in French and English, "Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause birth defects." Restaurant and bar owners were encouraged to post the signs at the point of purchase or in washrooms.

Eighty-seven percent of the establishments that were approached agreed to participate in this initiative. Participating restaurants and bars were thanked in the local paper. Follow up phone calls indicated owner satisfaction with the signs, little vandalism, and no negative feedback. Author: Wendy Burgoyne Prepared: May 1998

[entered 10/01/99 OHPE #125.2]