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The Program Evaluation Tool Kit

The Program Evaluation Tool Kit: A Blueprint for Public Health Management is a practical, step-by-step guide to evaluating programs. It is presented in a series of short modules with simple explanations and specific tools. Although the Tool Kit uses examples from health protection and promotion programs, the process can be used for the evaluation of any kind of program.

The Tool Kit boils the evaluation process down to five basic steps.

1. Focus the evaluation

2. Select methods

3. Develop data collection tools

4. Gather and analyze data

5. Make decisions about the program

The first step in the process includes identifying stakeholder needs, defining the purpose of the evaluation, describing the program using a logic model, and determining the questions the evaluation will seek to answer. You may find the program logic model section useful for teaching program planning techniques.

Worksheets are included in each step - logic model worksheets, an evaluation questions checklist, a stakeholder checklist, a methods worksheet, logistics worksheets for mail surveys, focus groups, etc.,

a data collection tool development worksheet, qualitative and quantitative analysis worksheets, a data interpretation worksheet, and finally a decision and action plan worksheet. These worksheets are

included in the Tool Kit in both hard copy and electronically (on a 3.5" diskette).

About 700 copies of the Tool Kit have been distributed and the workshop we developed based on the Tool Kit approach has been well received by almost 500 community health practitioners in the province of Ontario. Our aim was to keep it simple, to demystify evaluation, to avoid jargon and to make it as fun as possible!

The Tool Kit project was co-funded by the Ottawa-Carleton Teaching Health Unit Program and the Public Health Branch, Ontario Ministry of Health.

An order form can be obtained from Debora Dover. E-mail her your fax number and she will fax you an order. Debora's e-mail is and her phone number is (613) 724-4122 x3752. To

recover some of the costs of printing and shipping, we are charging $30. You will be invoiced at a later date.

Nancy Porteous, Research Coordinator

Health Department, Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton