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Cost Benefit Impact of School Based Smoking Prevention

Wed. Jan 14, 1998 Doug McCall posted to CLICK4HP list:

Further to the Discussion of Cost-Benefit in Health Promotion

We are publishing a cost-benefit analysis of the impact of school-based smoking prevention program that shows one dollar invested saves 15 dollars in health care and other costs. The study was led by Tom Stephens and Murray Kaiserman at Health Canada. It will be available for distribution after it appears in the Amer Journal of Public Health.

We used a similar CDC study in meetings with Preston Manning's office, They were very interested and requested follow-up information several times after our meeting.

We also have a few disparate studies of the benefits of school-based prevention that are primarily American.

To request copies, contact me by email or phone at:

Doug McCall [dmccall@NETCOM.CA]

Canadian Association for School Health

(604) 535-7664