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An Enquiry & A Report on MEN'S HEALTH

From: Bob Jeffrey

Northwestern Ontario Public Health Unit []

Thursday, May 07, 1998 11:35 AM

I am looking for some help in identifying the best way to encourage the new health promotion network [Canadian Health Network] to create a set of resources on Men's Health.

Who should I talk with?

What I have is an increasing awareness of groups, organizations, materials and concerted effort to improve the status of men. The effort seems to be directed at issues related to work, parenting, sexuality, health, reproduction, to name some of the areas I recall quickly.

[This message, requesting information on men's health was posted on Click4HP and to the Ontario Health Promotion Resource Centres. A number of responses were received by Bob Jeffrey in late May.

He sent the following information about their own initiatives in Northwestern Ontario - AS]

May 26, 1998

I would like to pass on the homepage of the Northwestern Health Unit as I have put a copy of the MEN'S WELLNESS REPORT under the health planning and evaluation section. The home page is

http:/ and the specific report is at

The report does not focus as much on how men access health services but rather what men think health is.

- Bob Jeffrey