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By & For Teens - An Interactive CD-ROM for Crisis Prevention

In early May, Peter Jones asked, on CLICK4HP:

Just wondering if anyone has reviewed the Mauve CD-Rom produced by

Mediaspaul and Pentafolio Multimedia .

It is listed as 'An Interactive CD-ROM for Crisis Prevention - By and

For Teens - A Resource Kit for Teen Guidance'

Peter Jones North Victoria Healthy Communities Coalition


At the same time, OPC received a flyer and detailed description of this resource kit (but not the CD) from Dr. Natacha Joubert of Health Canada who had worked on the kit.

The Resource Guide "Mauve Scrap-CD 12-18 A CD ROM for Teenagers" indicates that it is a unique concept in mental health promotion "Suicide prevention through interactivity". It is especially those who are facing difficulties in their lives. It is for adults who want to understand and help young people trapped within themselves. MAUVE is an interactive CD-ROM full of striking personal accounts. Video clips, animation, sound effects, music, writings, photos and illustrations.

And it is a learning aid for teenagers, to encourage independent thinking, avoid no-win situations and gain a broader perspective.

The content in this tool takes a very different approach - presenting the problem of suicide prevention from a much broader viewpoint, in the context of the passage to adulthood and of the deep-rooted uneasiness which can become a desire to "escape life". The person [the reader or participant] is always addressed as a whole, a body-heart-mind unit, including the "soul" or spirit. Sample topics are divided in this way - body [energy, food, pace, image, sex], feelings [emotions, esteem, sensitivity, love], mind [thoughts, problems, creativity