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FAS Videos

* Different Directions: Understanding Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

In this 2000 video, parents and those who work with individuals with FAS/FAE describe their experiences in caring for children and discuss issues related to diagnosis, intervention and prevention (VHS, 22 minutes, $50). Contact

Pat Spadetto

Ontario's North for the Children

Fax: (705) 567-2466

* Something to Celebrate. Something to Celebrate

A couple discover alcohol and pregnancy don't mix (English/French, 1984, 23 minutes, free). Available from

Health Canada

Medical Services Branch


* Helping Families-Helping Children.

This video has been designed for parents who have children newborn to six years affected by FAS or FAE. Information about FAS/FAE is provided as well as concrete ways for parents to support their young children to develop to their full potential. Includes seventy-two page companion guide to the video for families. The guide explains behaviours and problems that you can expect from children with FAS/FAE and gives strategies for managing those behaviours (28 minutes, 1997). Available for purchase at a cost of $30.00 and items will be shipped upon receipt of payment:

Yellowknife Association for Community Living

P.O. Box 981

Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N7

Tel: (867) 920-2644

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