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Director: Riverdale Community Business Centre

The Riverdale Community Business Centre is an innovative neighbourhood-based community economic development project working to strengthen the Riverdale economy. The Centre has launched business support services, a community loan fund, a retail revitalization strategy and a tourism initiative.

The Centre is seeking a leader to carry forth its vision of creating a climate of confidence and optimism in Riverdale. The successful applicant should:

* Possess an in-depth understanding of policies, practices and structures that support neighbourhood-based community economic development.

* Have a commitment to building skills and relationships at a local level to allow individuals and organizations to respond to economic opportunity.

* Possess experience working with low-income individuals and newcomers to Canada.

* Display an entrepreneurial approach to management

* An appreciation of the challenges facing small business is essential and knowledge of Riverdale will be considered an asset.

Candidates will be assessed based on skills and experience in the following areas:

Partnership and resource development, financial management, program development and management, proposal writing skills, working with a non-profit board, verbal and written communications, program monitoring and evaluation, team building and supervision, strategic and long-term planning, development and implementation of organizational policies and procedures, and conflict resolution.

This position requires a university degree or equivalent.

The salary is $47,000 per annum (under review).

Application Deadline: Friday, March 10th, 2000.

Please submit application to: Director Hiring Committee, Riverdale Community Business Centre, 742 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario M4M 1H2 Phone: 416-462-0496 Fax:1-416-462-3601

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