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Health Information Analyst,

Major Responsibilities:

* Reports to the Quality Assurance Manager and is responsible for coordinating the collection and retrieval of Healthy Environments Quality Assurance related data and analyses, interprets and communicates Quality Assurance information for managers, staff and external agencies.

* Defines data needs and selects appropriate methods and procedures for collection and analyzing Quality Assurance data for managers, staff and others as required. Orients staff to available databases and the use of data in Quality Assurance program development and evaluation.

* Provides in-service training to and education of Quality Assurance and other staff in demographics and computer applications.

* Designs data collection and survey instruments including coding formats, questionnaire design and data entry and storage.

* Prepares technical analyses and reports of Healthy Environments data used for the purposes of monitoring health status, program planning, program evaluation, answering epidemiological questions or responding to requests for information.

* Present these data in useful, understandable formats including tables, charts, maps and customized reports, using sophisticated software tools.

* Writes and executes computer programs for analysis of Quality Assurance and evaluation of Healthy Environments programs.

* Designs and conducts studies and surveys related to Quality Assurance and evaluation of Healthy Environments programs.

* Provides on the job instruction to Quality Assurance Field Assessors and support staff concerning the input, or preparation for input of data.

* Designs and maintains Quality Assurance information systems and databases in consultation with Business Manager THEIS project.

Key Qualifications:

* University degree in biostatistics or approved equivalent combination of education and experience.

* Excellent computer skills appropriate for current and anticipated hardware/software needs of the Department.

* Experience with health data systems.

* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

* Proven ability to work as part of a public health team.

Salary: $25.59 - $28.78 per hour (2001 rates)

How to Apply:

Please forward your resume and covering letter, by January 5, 2001, to: Jay Buttery, Acting Sr. Human Resources Consultant, Human Resources, Public Health, Suite 200, 277 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1W2. Phone: (416) 392-7994, Fax: (416) 392-1230, or E-mail:

Committed to employment equity, the City of Toronto encourages applicants from Aboriginal people, people with disabilities, racial minorities and women