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RFP: TeenNet Project

Teennet Project Overview

The goal of the TeenNet Research Project based at the University of Toronto is to study ways of engaging youth in health promotion using technology. TeenNet is based on respecting individual choice by teens and exploration of options regarding health behaviour. TeenNet takes a "teens in action / youth driven" approach that involves young people from diverse backgrounds in all stages of program development, evaluation and dissemination.

More information on the project, including guiding principles and research objectives, is provided at

Why A Request for Proposal?

CyberIsle ( is TeenNet's main youth health website. CyberIsle is designed in the form of a teens-only island with places where teens hang out - beaches, dance club, washrooms. On the island, teens can find health information, online discussion groups, interactive lifestyle assessment programs, simulations, links and games. These features are hidden under the graphic images that depict the different locations.

Since being launched in 1997, CyberIsle has evolved and expanded and now includes a Teen Clinic Online and a bilingual smoking prevention and cessation resource (the Smoking Zine). At the same time the Internet has also changed and evolved. The intent of this RFP is to implement a number of solutions to enhance the experience of CyberIsle members.

Target Audience

CyberIsle wishes to interact with 12 to 19 year old Canadians of both genders with basic computer, Internet, junior-high reading and communication skills. CyberIsle is developed in such a way as to be culturally, geographically and economically neutral.

The youth audience will generally be looking for: an answer to a health question; a youth friendly environment; reliable and credible information; a confidential non-judgmental space, a place to engage their mind and interests; a connection with an (online) community, anonymity to find out about or discuss off-limit taboo topics.

To this end, all interested developers require an approach that is sensitive to TeenNet's specific technical and human-centric access standards, and TeenNet's guiding principles.

Technical Access

CyberIsle aims to limit technical barriers by developing with browser safe colours, pre-loaders, file optimization for quick first screen activation, PC/MAC friendly, optimized for 640X480 resolution, censor/net filter friendly and cross browser compatibility with IE and Netscape 4.0 and up, There should be no need for downloads, cookies or frames. TeenNet using the following development environment: mysql 3.23.47; php 4.1.1; redhat linux 7.2; apache 1.3.22

Request for Proposal

TeenNet is interested in options for the following:

1. Making the existing registration system easier to use.

2. Providing method or methods for new users to learn about CyberIsle and why they should join (for example, providing first time

visitors with a preview of CyberIsle).

3. Strategies for managing username and passwords in a way that is easier and clearer for new users.

For a detailed RFP, please contact Sherry Biscope at the address below.

Budget Range: $15,000-20,000

Proposals are due by March 18, 2002 at NOON They can be sent to

Oonagh Maley

TeenNet Project Coordinator

TeenNet Project,

University of Toronto

Room 121, 150 College Street

Toronto, ON M5S 3E2

Fax: (416) 978-2087

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact Sherry Biscope at (416) 978-2201 or