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RFP: Mental Health Services Redesign External Consultation, Toronto Public Health


Toronto Public Health is accepting proposals for its Mental Health Services Redesign External Consultation.

2.0 Project Background

As a result of the amalgamation of the six former municipalities (and health departments) into one, Toronto Public Health (TPH) is currently reviewing a number of programs and services, including mental health. As such, the Mental Health Services Redesign Project is intended to assist Toronto Public Health's Divisional Management Team (DMT) to make decisions around the following current realities:

* Vision - the aftermath of amalgamation necessitates that we develop a common vision of mental health services that are appropriate for TPH.

* Mission and Roles - what is our unique purpose and what should be the primary role of staff within Mental Health Promotion.

* Setting Strategic Directions/priority Focus - in light of the pending mandatory guidelines being proposed by the Technical Review Committee of the Public Health Branch of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in Suicide Prevention and Violence Prevention.

* Program Delivery Strategies - how in general terms the "program" will be delivered? More specifically, the redesign team is seeking suggestions about

* ways of developing and delivering services to clients, communities that is evidence based, responsive and effective;

* a new and creative program model, which is inclusive of the Mental Health Nurses (MHNs) expertise and responsive to the city's unique population and regional factors;

* developing and maintaining linkages, consultative approaches, accountability and communication capabilities both internally and externally;

* ensuring equitable, comprehensive and co-ordinated services to the citizens of Toronto that incorporates a continuum of care and lifespan approach.

3.0 Purpose of the Project

As a means of strengthening linkages and being responsive to our stakeholders, we will gather opinions and suggestions from a cross section of stakeholders from mental health, suicide and violence areas regarding Toronto Public Health (TPH) delivery of mental health promotion services. This added information will assist the Mental Health Services Redesign Project Team to ascertain TPH's "core business" in the area of mental health promotion which will incorporate the pending suicide prevention and violence prevention mandatory guidelines being proposed by the Ministry of Health, Long Term Care - Public Health Branch.

4.0 Objectives

1. To identify external stakeholders' perceptions of emerging issues and trends in Mental Health Promotion (MHP), Suicide Prevention (SP) and Violence Prevention (VP) in Toronto.

2. To identify external stakeholders' perceptions on gaps/barriers in MHP, SP and VP services in Toronto and how as a community TPH and other service providers could address those gaps.

3. To identify external stakeholders' experience about:

a) what is working well with TPH's service delivery in MHP, SP and VP

b) what is not working well

c) suggestions for improvement

5.0 Method

The external consultation will be done through telephone interviews. For the purpose of the project identified in this RFP, a survey tool has been developed for telephone interviews and participants will be recruited by TPH staff.

Participants will be external stakeholders within the service areas of mental health promotion, suicide prevention and violence prevention. We will focus on service providers - agencies with which TPH has an existing relationship. Site selection will involve purposive sampling of service provider - agencies from both a regional and city wide basis.

6.0 The Role of the External Consultant

* schedule and conduct approximately 35-40 telephone interviews of 20-30 minutes in length with pre-selected participants;

* Hand record participants responses during the interview in the form of comprehensive or verbatim notes and where possible notes may be supplemented by audiotape.

- code, analyse and synthesize the data for common themes and important issues.

- collaborate with the project lead and two project team members to develop a master codes/themes for each open-ended question.

- work with selected members of the project redesign team to verify preliminary coding to ensure the accuracy of the analysis.

- complete the coding and identification of themes by applying the scheme to segments of text.

- Organize the segments of text according to themes and issues and prepare summary statements of each theme/issue.

* Prepare a summary report of the telephone survey project.

7.0 Schedule

The telephone interviews will be scheduled between July 22 and September 7, 2002. The final report will be expected by the end of September, 2002.

8.0 Project Deliverables

* Notes made during interviews

* Coded data

* Final report with common themes and issues in electronic version (Word Perfect format).

* Any other materials related to this project

9.0 Other Expectations

* Work collaboratively with the Mental Health Services Redesign Project Team

* Consult with the Project Lead as needed and provide updates/reports.

10.0 Proposal Requirements

The consultant who will complete this project will provide:

* Resume/curriculum vitae

* A list of clients/references (minimum 3) for whom the proponent has completed work of a similar nature. Two must be identified as references with contact name and telephone number.

* Proposal outlining the process and timelines, project budget and specific process to be used to complete the project by end of September.

11.0 Qualifications

* Relevant health and/or social sciences graduate degree with a strong research component

* Demonstrated skill in conducting interviews and recording data

* Excellent ability to code, analyze and recording data

* Excellent report writing skills

* Openness and commitment to working with the Mental Health Services Redesign Project Team

* Knowledge/experience related to mental health, suicide, violence is an asset


Work is to be completed by the end of September 2002.

Proposals can be submitted electronically (in Word format only) or in hard copy on or before Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 4:30 p.m. to:

Angela Loconte

Project Lead

Mental Health Services Redesign

Toronto Public Health

277 Victoria Street, 6th Floor

Toronto, ON M5B 1W1

If further information is required regarding the Request for Proposal please contact Angela Loconte at (416) 338-7863.